ria. apologetic mushroom.

(〃・ω・〃) blonde anime guys ruined my entire life. all you need to know is that this idiot means the world to me.


アダルトリオ by ZAF

" Up until now, I hadn’t realized that disappering from this world… No longer being able to be by your side… Would be so lonely. “

Well, something interesing did happen.

Well, something interesing did happen.


doodles more schmoopy kikuro to de-stress


happy birthday killua


there he comes

Some of the many expressions of Hinerdta Hinata Shouyou


i love myself because im pretty and i dont give off any weeaboo vibes irl. like you would never guess that i almost cried today because my favorite character appeared in an anime!! i like that about myself.. at least i seem like i have dignity on the outside.


actual dads

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